Yiting Mao
       My final project is about one popular social network - Renren.com - among young adults in China. When Renren.com was established in 2005, a lot of people think that it's a clone of Facebook. As an international student studying the United States as well as the user of both Facebook and Renren.com, I'm curious about some differences between these two social sites in different culture. Also, I want to share some differences in communication and advertising with my professors and schoolmates in the United States too. So these might the original reasons that I chose this topic as my final project. 
       I built a microsite for this project: http://renrencom101.weebly.com, which includes some background information about the metrics, development and story of Renren.com. Also, I interviewed some current users studying abroad as me about their usage, understandings and perception of Renren.com. Furthermore. in order to find out the application of social media in advertising in China, I also interviewed an advertising profession in McCann Erickson Shanghai office. 
       I enjoyed this project a lot. Actually, I have shared it with a lot of my friends here and back home. I received a lot of good comments on this microsite. 
        I have to admit, thanks to this project, I did know a lot more about the disparity of the personal communication and advertising industry in China and the USA. Besides finding out the pattern of usage of Renren.com among Chinese young adults, I definitely can see a lot of potential opportunities for the advertisers in China. 
        In particular, the social media project "The Bright Eleven" from Chevy Cruze, which sheds lights on people's usage of social media, including Youku, Renren.com, Sina.com, etc. People say that this is definitely the trend. But I also have say that advertisers should be cautions of every move. The two-way communication will bring about a disaster if the story is not good enough. 
         So...wish one day, the advertising on social media in China would be as developed as that in USA too....!!!

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