Yiting Mao

Photo by Jennifer Janviere
I started studying advertising and public relations at Marquette University since August 2009. I just graduated with my Master degree in Communication in the May. Along with the two-year journey, I position myself as a storyteller. I believe that every brand, every product has a story to tell, just as human beings. Nowadays, besides rational appeals, consumers increasingly rely more on emotional attachment to hold on their choices. Thus, my role and responsibility are to provide my future clients with effective business solutions through crafting good brand stories and help them to stand out among thousands of communication campaigns. 

I started my advertising journey in McCann Erickson, where I received professional training in account service and working collaboratively. The deadline-driven working environments make me grow as a team worker and strategic thinker. I enhanced my writing skills and multi-media talents from journalism practices. Currently, I am covering community stories for three neighborhoods in Milwaukee. I created multi-media community stories, including photography, video and audio.  

At my free time, I love traveling. I can't live without adventures. Yes, I am a storyteller. Also, I am a world traveler. My multi-cultural backgrounds provide me with an open mind and a bigger heart. Europe, Asia, North America, I want to leave my footprint around the world. Every chance of being close to a different culture makes me a grow as a global citizen and a professional marketer. 

Now, I'd like to share my stories with you, Are you READY?!

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