Yiting Mao

Renren.com: Facebook's Clone?

Homepage of the microsite I built
@ May 2010
I created this microsite: http://renrencom101.weebly.com/

A lot of businesses are  trying to be on Facebook and other social media in the USA. But my question is, compared with the social media in the State, how is the usage of mainstream social media in China? 

Renren.com is a leading social network in China, which started out as a Facebook clone with quite similar interface, layout and logo in 2005. It has around 120 million registered users through Feburary 2010. 
What is the truth about Renren.com? Who are the users? What are the perception of Renren.com from its users? What are the potential development and advertising opportunities for this social network site?

I interviewed a couple of users and advertising professionals about Renren.com and social network in China. I wish this microsite was not only a class project but also able to be a resource for people who are interested in social media around the world. Plus, I believe that it would also provide social media professionals in China with some good insights and perspectives. 

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