Yiting Mao

Digital book review

@ Dec 2009
Rather than writing a book review word by word, I used storytelling skills to summarize key points in the book Grown Up Digital by Don Tapscott.
There is a group of young teenagers and adults who have grown up with high-tech tools and toys. They are quite different in thinking model and behavior with their boomer parents. What are they really thinking and how would they change the world in the 21st century? In this book, the author presents a detailed analysis about their insights and impacts on the transformation of the society. 
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"When I was on my way to help others...." by Zhang Yuchen

@ May 2008
This documentary, directed by me, was successfully awarded second prize in 2009 Shanghai Student DV Festival in Shanghai, China. 

How to understand youngster voluntary cause? How do students grown up in modern city adapt to the low life in mountain areas? What have these young adults achieved from these experiences? What is waiting for them ahead? 

In May 2008, I followed a college student, Zhang Yuchen's voluntary journey in JiangXi province with a NPO. She went to visit some poor children in mountain areas and find out their needs of financial sponsorship. . 

Marquette University 2009 annual fashion show: Lucky 13

@ Nov, 2009
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